All the reasons you need to solo travel in midlife





  What would you do if your uber successful friend obnoxiously shouted “ google me “ to a waitress, all whilst punch drunk on Croatian wine?  Besides realizing some friendships pair nicer with vodka …  you pack your bags and decide to head out on your own to explore Croatia .

I dragged my suitcase down the  grand staircase of our Beyonce style  private villa  and off to the nearest ferry.  On that ensuing Croatian solo adventure I rediscovered myself . It reignited my spark and my love of travel.

My friend is now one of my biggest cheerleaders. But it has been solo travel for me ever since.

Stacey Diocletian's Palace

Me, Myself and I, Diocletian’s Palace


Those couple of days I spent Island hopping discovering Croatia solo were absolutely fucking life changing! I got to pick out where I was gonna stay, without having to factor in anyones else’s budget or concerns.One place was in freaking castle.

The other was on the on the island of Hvar with the most stunning view ever.

I got to decide what and where I was going to eat,  which  included anything and everything! I hit up the same gelato spot 3 times in one day, it was so damn good.

Croatia travel

Croatian vacay nails : aka my conversation starters

There was no one else’s schedule to adhere to, each and every decision was mine and mine alone.If you have never tried solo travel, you absolutely should and seriously, get prepared to feel like an absolute fucking badass!

Split Croatia

Solo in Split


Ooh, on a side note if you ever want to start up conversations with locals, paint your nails with their country flag, friends will come flocking.



   Those of you who haven’t traveled solo yet get ready!  As grown women we have spent such a big part of our lives catering to everyone else’s needs. Children, men or jobs have consumed us. By the time we have hit our midlife years,  we have spent a shit ton of time  nurturing and caring for others. Putting ourselves second becomes commonplace. 

When was the last time you did you?! When have you spent days on end serving your needs alone. Getting to be completely selfish with every single moment of your time is incredibly fucking liberating. Curating your own trip puts you in the driver’s seat. You get to decide how to spend your time, money and energy. If you want to wander through town with zero itinerary, eat at  all the top taco spots in a single afternoon, or lay out in the sun with a margarita in hand, it’s your choice.  You get the invaluable lesson of how you like to spend  your time. You  rediscover that independent, confident, strong woman that you may have lost through routine and time. Once you get that feeling back it’s hard to stop. Solo travel is addictive.



So, besides being motivated by the kick ass “I CAN make it happen” attitude solo travel will bring, there is a very practical reason to go it alone. We are not getting any younger. Time WILL pass you by if you wait for the right time with friends. Seriously girl, trying to get everyone on the same page and schedule is damn near impossible. So many times my friends and I will discuss travel plans and then either finances or obligations get in the way. So ladies ladies lets get out now while we still have a full set of teeth to smile with. Actually that may not apply to me, I can’t wait to give my gummy smile to all I pass. 

Stacey Tulum Mexico

Thriving in Tulum


As us gals get into life’s daily routines and routine can get boring AF.  One weekend away and suddenly you’re all lit up regaling your pals with your colourful account of all the shenanigans you got into. Coming home animated telling your tales of survival may even actually get your kids interested in what you have to say.

Seriously though, we get so caught up complaining about work and family life it really is nice to come back and have a new topic that excites the hell out of you. I truly am a firm believer in “Fill your life with adventure and stories to tell.”



Now that I just spewed sunshine and rainbows, let’s talk for a second about how you will NOT  be cheered on from the sidelines as you disembark on  this new adventure. People will be freaked the fuck out. As younger gals we are inundated with the messages “travel while you are young” and  “Go discover yourself” .  We are encouraged to throw everything into a backpack and solo travel across Europe. At our age the message we are sent is “you should be saving for your retirement”. When I post a vacation pic, or discuss my upcoming travels suddenly Aunt Carol and pals are all financial advisors who’ve amassed a great concern for my money matters. As a woman my age I am very aware of planning for the future. I also think that our lives are meant to be lived and tomorrow isn’t promised. 

Ooh and ladies if you are wondering what’s a good option for your first solo trip, Croatia worked fabulously for me.

Bali Flower bath

Treating myself at a Spa in Bali

  1. I love reading your posts. You always make me smile, or laugh out loud! Please don’t ever stop being tge amazing you!

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