The top 5 items you absolutely need for your Tulum vacay


Tulum has its very own unique Jungle meets beach hippy vibe. Besides the usual swimwear, cover ups , gauzy dresses etc, there are few items that you absolutely don’t want to forget.




 must have S'well bottle Tulum

                                              HYDRATION IS KEY

  1. Reusable water bottle. S’well Bottle is my fav.  S’well  Having a reusable bottle to reduce plastics is super important. The tap water is undrinkable but most of the hotels and Airbnb’s  have giant water jugs in your room. Just refill your water bottle before you head out and the S’well bottles stay cold. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or biking thru town, it’s HOT AF, stay hydrated.
  2. Bug Spray.  Sawyer Picaridin Insect Repellent | Sawyer Products.  It’s a Tulum must. I love this one and it’s Deet free.Tulum is in the jungle and you will get eaten alive if you don’t use something. If you happen to be out and have forgotten yours back in your room, most bars and restaurants have some handy, just ask. I got sprayed down by quite a few peeps.
  3. Reef Friendly Sunscreen. Mineral Sun Silk Crème SPF 30 – COOLA | Sephora Let’s save our coral reefs. Please use responsible sunscreen.
  4. A Small Flashlight. Ozark Trail 9-led Mini Flashlight – – LED Bike Light Set, Movelo: Sports & Outdoors  It’s dark at night. Really dark. Most places on the beach road are candlelit and power and lights in Tulum are not abundant. As a solo female traveler I feel a lot safer waving around a mini flashlight than my oh so pricy Iphone11. I would  also throw the flashlight into my bike basket If I found myself out past sunset still on my bike.  Trust me it happens… time flies when you’re having fun ;).The bike lights that go wrap around your bike handles are super handy as well. Safety first!
  5. Cash. Grab Mexican pesos before you go or at the Cancun airport. Credit cards are not accepted everywhere and reliable debit machines are few and far between. The main Scotiabank in town has actually ran out of money on a few of my trips there. Also make sure to have small cash on hand to tip your bartender or waitress.They work super hard and the cost of living in Tulum has gone up with its popularity .

Leave the high heels and blow dryers at home.

 Let those locks air dry or put em up. It’s hot and humid as hell.  A lot of Tulum runs on generators , and some places on the beach road turn the  power off between 7pm and 7 am. 

As for heels, the roads are not well paved or well lit at all. 


 Have fun !!! 

I Truly love this magical town .



all you need in Tulum

                                   THANKFUL FOR SUNSCREEN

  1. Such great tips! These are all staples for us. Except the flashlight. I hadn’t thought of that

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