My absolutely epic Instaboyfriend fail

As a  solo traveller I was super excited to have planned a trip to New York City with my man. My two loves would finally be in the same place. New York was my home for many years and will always have my heart.


As I picked out two perfectly curated boutique hotels, perfect for pictures and my instagram feed,  I couldn’t help but get giddy with anticipation. This usually solo traveler was going to have her very own human selfie stick. My very own Instaboyfriend! I have seen these unsung heroes in action. Boyfriends and husbands laying in the streets, risking life and limb to get the best angle, schlepping camera gear in the heat, having the patience of a saint, truly dedicated. All with the sole purpose of capturing the perfect shot. 


I had forgotten to take a couple of factors into consideration though. I, myself was dealing with a man in his late forties, with zero camera skills and no social media knowledge whatsoever. He didn’t have a clue as to what was required, or to be fair, what was expected of him.

Secondly, plying him with alcohol so that he would comply with my whims may not have been the smartest move.

So there we were, both tipsy and me being well, all about me.

A scenario that clearly screams success.

I started posing and began screeching “take my picture” followed up with  “omg, right here it’s perfect!“ and then carried on with the oh so insistent “PICTURE!!”

 He responded by bellowing “look at the camera!”  followed up by a “what the hell is wrong with you?” and then with a very confused “why do you keep looking the other way?“ 

I continued to glance dreamily off into the distance, fantasizing of the whimsical shots I’d be getting.

He was clearly not seeing my artistic vision. 

I think that when I started yelling at passerby’s “can you please help me , he’s failing miserably“  that that certainly did not help matters at all. 

Well, actually, maybe just a little. A very eager young lady came over and started snapping away.  P.S.Thank you.   

She got the shot that I felt that I oh so desperately needed. 

I felt terrible my hopes and dreams of having the perfect Instaboyfriend were an absolute epic fail.


Instaboyfriend Fail

   HE CAPTURED MY GRIN! THAT’S                       ALL THAT COUNTS


Instaboyfriend Fail

       ARE YOU NOTICING A                        THEME HERE?


Instaboyfriend fail





Instaboyfriend fail




Stacey NOMO SOHO Hotel

THANK YOU KIND                      STRANGER

 Later that day as I strolled  hand in hand through New York City with my hysterically funny, kind man I had the realization that this trip we should probably just enjoy the moment and each other. 

Our next trip, If there ever is one. LOL.  I plan to leave him at the pub, run off and enlist the help of strangers when it’s photo time. Or maybe  I should just use my selfie stick, the metal kind and not the human one.


Ooh and in case you’re wondering we freaking loved our stay at

  1. OMG! Another priceless post. I had to read it out loud to Ian…. in secret hopes that he would take mental note for our future adventures and make sure to take my ‘perfect shot.

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