Embrace your years
Embrace your story
Post it proudly


The secret sauce you're looking for, ain't about being social media savvy. The secret sauce is YOU! You girl, your experiences, your personality, your perspective and your energy is why strangers pick you over everyone else! 

Ok, imagine you're scrolling the gram looking for a meno fitness gal (I need to do this lol ) and you come across a page that is filled with the most aesthetic perfect lil squares, and then you go to her highlights & stories and *gasp, where the heck is SHE?!  Then ya scroll a tad more and find a gal talking about her passion for fitness in her fifties, cats, matcha and.. you're hooked.



I have been witness to so many freaking amazing women block their blessings simply because they were not willing to push through the discomfort of putting themselves out there.

Ooh and before I continue; if you're happy as a clam being Wallflower Wanda, this isn't for you.

It's for you gals that really wanna scratch that midlife itch.. and know that IG is one heck of a catalyst for this. Maybe you already share your workouts, style tips, recipes, or have decided that creating one heck of a digital diary is the way to go! OR you've started, stopped, planned, procrastinated, researched, lurked, bought yet another course; only to put those aspirations back up on the shelf to collect dust.

Girl, I'm gonna get real with ya for a sec; me, Oprah, the Dalai Lama, and Madonna could all get together to teach you ALL the tips and tricks. (thats quite a motley crew lol) but if you can't, don't or won't talk on camera and take the pics, shit ain't going anywhere.





Let's step outa those shadows girl

Say no more i'm in !

Yup, our brain is a dick and it's time to stop second guessing, filtering and comparing ourselves.

Let's say adios to the story that we can't start until we look younger / skinnier / [insert bonkers societal expectation here] 

Let's actually listen to that little voice in our heart that says "do it" and block out all the excuses our dick brain has

Let's finally let go of the fear of what will people think?  Remember we're actually doing what a lot of peeps would love to do. Cept that dang 'Aunt Carol'.. it'll never be her jam.

Collectively let's silence our d*ck brains

Me Please!

Imagine if you inspire one woman a day just by being you. Yup, not allowing your light to be dimmed, is incredibly inspiring. 

And I get it, there's a lot going on at our age, and finding the gumption to put yourself out there can be tough.

A lot of us have truly forgotten how to suck (* insert obnoxious dad joke here) it's been a while since we've been a total newbie at something, and that can feel awkward.
Speaking of suck, I know that dang camera can also be tough on us. It opens up to the lil house of hormone horrors. Our newfound ability to melt like a candle, and grow a lengthy beard overnight, isn't exactly what IG stardom dreams are made of.

But focusing on your why can really take the sting out of it all. You'll  inspire your peers, show em what's possible, plus show the young ones that this stage ain't so shabby after all. 

I for one am so freaking thankful for representation, and am beyond ready to applaud the shit outa you for helping us grown gals feel seen.

Sometimes ya just need some support, comradery, and accountability to help ya move through the ick. 

Welcome to your empowerment era

join us in rewriting the rules on aging

Join our bi-monthly Zooms. One hosted by moi and the other a fab midlife female guest speaker (it could be you ;) )
Calls will be recorded for those who miss the party

 Feedback, support and accountability all in the ease of a text! Get help with blocks or questions as they come up. You'll also have access to an IG group chat for sharing our latest posts - enjoy your new hype squad sista!

This really is about community - I will be sharing your wins to Grown Gals Gang IG as well as I'll be needing gals for regular IG lives and feature Fridays. 
Members will also get discounts on upcoming offers. Hello retreats, 1:1 calls etc

Every week I'll share challenges, prompts and inspo. You'll also get IG's latest trends (cause ya gotta feed that beast) and tips on how you can make them authentically YOU!! Those content ideas are gonna flow like margs in Mexico

Weekly challenges


Group Voxer chat

Group coworking and community coaching sessions

What's included?

join us!

Having a support system that will hold you accountable to who you want to be, matters. #midliferemix

Being in a room of like-minded women who are doing the work & becoming better versions of themselves, matters.

Gals in your life who get what you're doing & why you're doing it,  matters, (most) ppl just won't get it, it's impossible to explain that your new endeavours success hinges on likes, saves and shares

Navigating this sucker we really do need SISTERSHIP. 
 And sistership in a room where good ideas can grow.. even better.

IG opens ya up to critique, crazies or worse.. crickets

Having A gang of gals that gets ya, matters

It's your time to influence the midlife narrative

Quarterly Membership

Perfect, Let's go!


you get to transform how the world sees aging - one post at a time

building A real community for midlife magic

Grown gals gang

Monthly membership is $59 USD
 A 3 month starting commitment subscription is required

Oooh Hi, I'm Stacey!  I'm a full time social media manager and one heck of a serial course taker. Just over 4 yrs ago, I won a scholarship to a social media bootcamp in Bali ! It that was the game changer for me. Being with a group of humans ALL with similar goals ~ holy girl gang ~ I was hooked! 

I have since been a member of a creator group called SideWalker Daily (and still am) , a blogging group, a biz growth membership and taken about a zillion courses. I recently I launched the Grown Gals Gang cause I've really been able to witness to how transformative being part of a group can be.

AND on the downside, I've also seen countless women fail at what they so really truly desire for themselves,  soley because they just couldn't put themselves out there.

That, I find heartbreaking, for so many reasons. So, I would love nothing more than to create a community that can help to change that for us. 

Why the heck am I even doing this?!

To sum it up


• a community of midlife gals amplifying authentic aging with every post 
• Voxer group chat for questions, inspo, accountability and community
IG group chat for post engagement
• bimonthly group Zooms with guest speakers
* weekly group challenges 


• Kick off call is end of June 2024  
• Official dates & deets will be announced soon.
• Call times will be between 11am EST and 8pm EST Tues - Thurs with exact times being what's best for the majority, calls will all be recorded 

How much?

• $175 USD / Quarterly membership
A 3 month starting commitment is required, let's lay the foundation for one heck of a freaking fabulous COMMUNITY !!!
Then a month by month subscription is available 

• $59 USD / monthly membership

more questions?

Let's chat. shoot me a DM on IG