OH, Hey girl
 I'm Stacey

At age 50, I decided to take quite a leap, to take a chance on ME, and rewrite my story. I took my passion for pups, margaritas and the gram and turned them into a total midlife pivot.
This Canadian career bartender lost her job during lockdown, moved her booty to Tulum Mexico, healing herself through dog rescue and started a thriving social media biz.

I didn't set out to wanting to set such audacious goals for my 50th. Starting a biz, moving to Mexico, and becoming an integral part of Help Tulum Dogs, wasn't even on my radar. But as 50 fast approached, I got what peeps like to call  the 'midlife itchies.'  A yearning for something more. The groundhog day of my bartender life with my only hobbies being Sephora, Nordstrom, and more bars, well, it just wasn't cutting it anymore.  I'd started to scroll IG nightly, searching for my next dreamy destination. Travel and adventure have always been huge for me.
During my scrolls though I couldn't help but notice that I wasn't seeing ME reflected back. Like AT ALL. 
No one looked like US. It was like us midlife gals didn't actually travel.  It was then I realized how important it was to switch my IG handle to something that showed my age.. Hotflashes & Boardingpasses was born! I then set out to create the same dreamy shots that I saw all the young girls taking. To prove that AT ANY AGE.

IG became a total game changer. By showing up and putting myself out there I was able to win a social media scholarship to Bali, to gain clients for my new biz, and to make the midlife connections I was so craving.

And along the way I discovered that with this crazy app, you can inspire ALL ages to embrace the privilege of aging!!!

 my story

My journey...


Career bartender turning 50, completely unfulfilled with life 



Lockdown hit me hard. I'd lost my job, my dog, and hope
I decided to go help Help Tulum Dogs in Tulum Mexico and find some meaning again.


Living in Tulum for 3Yrs working as a SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER & content creator.And helping Help Tulum dogs with rescue, outreach, fostering and sterilization campaigns 

Wrote a story about my life in the hopes of winning a scholarship to a content creation & marketing bootcamp in Bali AND I WON!
I then ran off to Bali in the hopes of creating one hell of a  midlife remix.