I won a life changing social media bootcamp in Bali

Win a !0 day Bootcamp

This is what I saw and I just had to give it my best shot!

Seriously, I won a social media bootcamp in Bali!

The last night of  2019 I spent 19hrs straight working behind the bar. The first morning of 2020 I awoke to being chosen for a full scholarship to the Institute Of Code in Bali.I had won a 10 day all inclusive social media bootcamp in Bali.

It was the break in life I so desperately needed. 

Institute of Code Bali Social Media course

The founder Tina May is the one who gave me the surprise call that I had won. She’s sitting here with IG super stars Marie Fe and Jake Snow

 This is what’s included with the Institute of Code’s Social Media Bootcamp

6 weeks self paced online teachings

10 day immersive bootcamp in Bali

Lifetime support 

Institute of Code Bali Social media bootcamp

My Welcome to the Institute of Code in Bali

Why I applied for the scholarship to The Institute Of Code in Bali

I’m a single mom who has 100% been doing it solo for the last 26 yrs. My son is on the Autism spectrum, and in his younger years, his needs consumed me. I chose to work in nightclubs because that meant late night starts for me and more time with him.

Between my late nights at work and long days with him, there was no time for me to get an education.

 As I aged, I switched from clubs to restaurants to cover our expenses and I was no longer getting the ‘good jobs’.

But there was one thing I did always manage to prioritize and save for over the years and that was travel. I have quite the adventurous side and I realized early on that travel ( me time) made me a better me, and in turn, better to him.

 Now that my son is an adult and one hell of a dog sitter I have started to travel more.

… and my idea for hot flashes and boarding passes was born. But I was at a loss as how to navigate the world of social media, marketing and branding. So I applied for the scholarship to the Institute Of Code in Bali.

Me, winning this course is quite the game changer for me.

During this social media bootcamp, you get to stay in a badass Villa in Bali

Yes, for this social media bootcamp, you get to stay in a private Villa in the heart of Bali. The Institute Of Code takes care of every little detail so that you can focus on what you came there for – to learn.

There is morning yoga, lunches by the pool and a private chef team to take care of all your meals. I have never eaten better, or HEALTHIER in my entire life. Like, I’d go back in a heartbeat, just for them to feed me. 

I shared a room with one other gal, they had put us over 40 ladies  together. It was larger than my entire apartment in Toronto. A few others were 3 to a room, but the place was huge with a ton of space for everyone. The entire staff and the resident pupster Houdini made me feel right at home. Well, if my home was a luxury villa, that made me exercise and eat well 😉

institute of code villa

Our rooms were massive at the IOC Villa

Institute of code Villa Bali

Loooooook at the size of the washrooms in OUR rooms

Villa at Institute of code Bali

More of the fabulous IOC villa

Institute of Code Bali

Seriously so so good

Institute of code Bali

Delicious and healthy

Social media bootcamp Bali  at the Institute of code

Lunch breaks at IOC involved dips in the pool

What do they teach at Institute Of Code’s Social Media Bootcamp in Bali 

Institute of Code social media marketing

We were able to rent these bad boys for our time there

Institute of Code

Getting comfortable using our camera’s on manual mode

At The Institute Of Code in Bali in their 10 day social media bootcamp, they teach you an absolute ton, about branding, marketing, social media, as well as photography and editing.  If you put in the work, you will leave with your own portfolio to present to brands.

 Here is a brief intro of what The Institute Of Code offers:

  • IG strategy and growth
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Growing website traffic with SEO
  • Creating shareable and engaging content
  • Growing an email list
  • Personal Branding and finding your niche
  • Media kit
  • Latest apps and tools
  • Photography
  • How to pose in photos
  • Photo editing with Lightroom
  • How to find clients for freelance work

For a more detailed curriculum, you can check out their website Institute of Code

Institute of code social media marketing and photography

We had a model come to the villa for a brand shoot

photography lesson Institute of code Bali

The ever so patient Dan, helping me out with a photography lesson

Social media and photography bootcamp Bali

I was really, really getting into getting the perfect shot

Social media marketing Bali

We did multiple photoshoots for  https://zerowastebali.com/ his here is my handiwork 

institute of code Bali social media bootcamp

We also did a shoot at a local gin bar Synkonah , this photo was taken by me!

social media bootcamp Bali

IOC students and I, laughing and learning 

Social Media Bootcamp Bali

Tina May, founder of Institute of Code and I having sunset beach chats, on a photography excursion

They had social media superstars as our mentors 

Marie Fe and Jake Snow

They’re just the sweetest and both of them totally won the aesthetics lottery 🙂

Who better to teach us how to kill it in the online space, at a social media bootcamp in Bali, then some badass mentors, truly killing it on the gram.  I think they change with each new group.

Here is the team that mentored our social media class in Bali:

Also check out their presets, I absolutely love them.


Marie Fe and Jake snow

Mare And Jake telling us their story

IOC mentors

Keira and Jess our IOC mentors

Content creation course Bali

Keira Mason, one of our mentors, teaching us how to style a shoot.

Social media marketer

We crawled up into this cabana to go over our 12 month plan with our mentor Jesse

IOC mentorship

This may have captured the exact moment I informed Jesse about all the perils of menopause 

Institute of Code Photography

We also had a photography excursion to a waterfall in Bali

Photography Bali

When we went to a black sand beach in Bali to work on our photography skills, the founder Emilio took drone shots

IOC students

IOC students and I sharing some laughs

Who is this social media bootcamp in Bali for?

It’s for EVERYONE!!! Between their other 10 day coding workshop bootcamp and this social media management and marketing one, if you want to be a digital nomad or even just live a life on your own terms , they gotcha covered.

There was quite a  range of students that attended. It was the first one attended by all females. There were ladies from all over the world, from the very young, to old AF like me. With all different educational backgrounds, careers, levels of social media and photography experience, but with the common goal to LEARN and lift each other up.

So if you think this is something that you are interested in or have any questions. Don’t be shy and shoot me a message.

You can also use my code to sign up. Plus they have now come out with a digital course.


social media marketing bootcamp Bali

Time to celebrate

Institute of Code graduation

Graduation day at IOC

  1. Maria says:

    Sounds like you had an amazing time! The photos are lovely, especially the drone shot 😁

    • stacey birch says:

      The drone is my fav too. Im holding on to a bunch of them … the drone shots. lol. saving for a worthy occasion 😉

  2. Sangria Sisters says:

    This equates to winning the social media lottery! You captured the experience perfectly!

    • stacey birch says:

      It so was like winning a lottery !! I sure as hell cried like I had, when they told me I had won!

  3. Amazing work! I’ve always wanted to do a course through the Institude of Code! 🙂 Glad you had an amazing time and got alot of value out of it!

  4. Helena Bramma says:

    Omg I’ve just read this for the first time what and absolutely amazing opportunity and boy did you run with it.
    You are a real inspiration
    Helena xx

  5. Jenna says:

    This is so beautiful to read. It makes me happy that you found something you love and we get to see it! Keep it up girl!

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