Seriously, I won a social media bootcamp in Bali! The last night of  2019 I spent 19hrs straight working behind the bar. The first morning of 2020 I awoke to being chosen for a full scholarship to the Institute Of Code in Bali.I had won a 10 day all inclusive social media bootcamp in Bali. […]


July 8, 2020

I won a life changing social media bootcamp in Bali


 STOP WORRYING ABOUT STRANGERS JUDGING YOU The number one question I am asked, how do you get pictures as a solo traveler, Stacey? Well, ladies it takes grit, determination and ingenuity. I came back from my first couple of solo trips with so few pictures, all because I was worried about what complete and utter […]

Solo Travel

May 18, 2020

How to get badass pictures as a solo traveler

Stacey at Una Vida Hotel Tulum

As a  solo traveller I was super excited to have planned a trip to New York City with my man. My two loves would finally be in the same place. New York was my home for many years and will always have my heart.   As I picked out two perfectly curated boutique hotels, perfect […]


May 17, 2020

My absolutely epic Instaboyfriend fail

instaboyfriend fail

  ALL THE REASONS YOU NEED TO TRAVEL SOLO IN MIDLIFE   HOW MY SOLO TRAVEL JOURNEY BEGAN   What would you do if your uber successful friend obnoxiously shouted “ google me “ to a waitress, all whilst punch drunk on Croatian wine?  Besides realizing some friendships pair nicer with vodka …  you pack your […]

Solo Travel

May 14, 2020

All the reasons you need to solo travel in midlife

solo travels

 THERE ARE 5 ITEMS YOU DON’T WANT TO FORGET TO BRING ON YOUR NEXT TULUM, MEXICO VACAY Tulum has its very own unique Jungle meets beach hippy vibe. Besides the usual swimwear, cover ups , gauzy dresses etc, there are few items that you absolutely don’t want to forget.   HERE GOES:   Reusable water […]


May 11, 2020

The top 5 items you absolutely need for your Tulum vacay

all you need in Tulum

MY VERY FIRST BLOG POST    When I was thinking about writing my very first Tulum, Mexico blog post, I wondered where I would start.  Would it be about the night I spent at the insta famous Azulik Hotel, or about all of the different Cenote’s I went to? Or on where I found the […]


May 5, 2020

Here’s how to help Tulum’s stray dogs your next vacay

Tulum stray dog