hot flashes & boarding passes

welcome Loves!

Welcome to Hot Flashes and Boarding Passes where it's all about us grown gals that love travel ... or those who would like to start.

Hi, I'm Stacey and I have been absolutely travel obsessed for most of my life. Recently though, as I turned fifty I have a new love (and nope ladies, this perpetual spinster hasn't found herself a man) I'm head over heels in love with MEXICO.

Getting out there at our age can really do wonders for helping us to rediscover our sense of self and adventure, it is definitely our time now...

 Taking this time for myself has helped me to come to the realization that I really do thrive on a least three margaritas a day, plus the fact that one can never really have too many tacos.

As this cocktail guzzling, taco inhaler started posting all of my travels on Instagram, I quickly noticed that while on the gram I wasn't always "PLAYING WITH FRIENDS MY OWN AGE."

 Most of the dreamy travel pics I was looking at were of dewy skinned, size zero, millennials.

 I noticed that the message we are being inundated with is travel while you're young and girl,
you know what - THAT SUCKS !

 Yes, us mid-lifers are currently struggling through waning eyesight, jiggly saggy bits and those all so delightful freaking hot flashes. We have been around the block and some of us even around the world.... but we are most certainly not done yet !

  I hope to inspire  you gals to go explore and to take that trip with me. Ladies, let's shimmy up to that bar and rock those bikinis. 

 It's hot out there!